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Welcome to the cloud configurator!

Welcome to the cloud configurator!

To order your desired grading , select the case , the type of grading , the quantity of your cards and the processing level below.

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Combine your trading card with individuality and design.
Crystal clear craftsmanship, which is 100% made in Germany . The
Unique construction ensures that your lighting is always optimal


Make a statement within the TCG hobby! Decisions
for the innovative future of grading and plant together with us
Each EcoCase sold a tree in our cloud forest in Nicaragua.


We can offer crystal-clear craftsmanship made in Germany! We
everyone wanted more. So we added a little color. Color
your case up!
Showcase your card in a light show full of color!

Shipping Information

You are welcome to send us your card by post

Otherwise, please use our personal delivery!
To do this, complete your order with the personal handover and book
Simply request a free appointment via your confirmation email.

We work exclusively with DHL . Thus become
Your cards will be returned to you insured including tracking number

Grading type

Re-grading of trading cards : With re-grading, trading cards that have already been graded are subjected to a professional inspection again, which can increase the value of the card. This process is particularly relevant for cards that are in very good condition since the last appraisal or may have been underestimated in the previous appraisal.

Trading Card Authentication : Authentication is a crucial step in verifying the authenticity and origin of trading cards, which is particularly important for rare and valuable cards. We evaluate the authenticity based on specific characteristics such as print quality, material quality and proof of origin in order to identify counterfeits and determine the true value of the cards.

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