Your Creation – our vision.

  • Who we are

    2 minds. 1 fire.

    Since 2022, we have been setting new standards in the trading card scene with CloudCardGrading (CCG). We have made it our mission to redefine the world of grading by offering our customers the opportunity to creatively design their own grading. By choosing from different cases and the signature label, they create their own design that presents their trading cards in a unique way.

Thinking differently since 2022.

Our wide range of products is supported by the CCG motto
"Grading for You. Not for money." defines and underlines the unique
personality of our customers.

Mission: Design to define.

The motto "Design Your Collection, Define Yourself." is central to
everything we do at CloudCardGrading. It serves as both a fundamental
Design specification for all our products as well as a goal that we achieve
want when a customer encounters our products for the first time. This
unique concept based on perception and emotion makes our
Products become truly unique.

Our aim is that every customer receives a CCG product
immediately recognizes it and perceives it in a way that fascinates his senses and
This forms the core of the DNA of every single CCG product.

For contact reasons:

  • Luke Sunday

    Partnership & Strategy Management
  • Maurice Rohwer

    Business and IT development
  • Michel Sievert

    Office Manager

until 2022.

Grading made in Germany.