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AI rating

Different ratings? impossible!

Immerse yourself in a world where precision meets intuition and efficiency meets creativity. Our AI platform surpasses human capabilities, giving YOU an unprecedented level of accuracy and consistency. As humans reach their limits, artificial intelligence opens up new horizons in the field of card grading.

Our grading characteristics

100% transparent trading card grading

Below is an overview of the evaluation criteria


With the help of advanced analysis techniques, the surface of each card is precisely scanned to reveal scratches, impurities or other blemishes. A human expert then performs a final manual check to ensure every detail has been captured and the final grade of the card reflects its actual quality.


The centering of a card is done by our specialized software. It meticulously checks and assesses symmetry and alignment. A grading expert completes the process and ensures that the card meets the high requirements of our evaluation criteria.


Using our advanced AI, the edges of each card are precisely analyzed to identify any imperfections or signs of wear. After this in-depth automated analysis, our team also reviews the results to ensure all aspects of the cards have been considered.


The corners of a card are often crucial to its overall value. Our cutting-edge technology precisely detects even the smallest deviation or damage to the corners.



A card rated "Pristine 10" is practically perfect and a must-have for any collector. Its features include four immaculately sharp corners, a sharp focus and the full original luster. A card that is rated Pristine 10 must be free of discoloration of any kind. However, a small printing error can be tolerated as long as it does not affect the overall impression of the card. The image needs to be centered - with a tolerance of about 55/45 to 60/40



A card rated "Mint 9" is in great condition and is a collector's dream. It only has one of the following minor imperfections: a barely visible stain on the back, a minor printing error, or slightly discolored edges. Centering must be between 60/40 and 65/35 at the front.


8.5 - 8.0 NEAR MINT - MINT

At first glance, a card rated "NM-MT 8" looks like a "Mint 9" – a premium piece for any collector. However, upon closer inspection, the card may have some of the following characteristics: a minimal stain on the back, slightly frayed corners, a small printing error, or slightly discolored edges. Centering should be in the range of about 65/35 to 70/30.


7.5 - 7.0 NEAR MINT

A card rated "NM 7" shows only slight signs of wear upon closer inspection. Some corners might be slightly frayed. The picture could be slightly blurred. A small misprint is acceptable. A light stain is only acceptable on the back of the card. Nevertheless, most of the original shine is retained. Centering should be in the range of about 70/30 to 75/25 at the front.



A card rated "EX-MT 6" may show slight signs of wear or a printing error, but this does not detract from the overall impression. A very slight scratch might only be noticeable upon close inspection. The corners might be slightly frayed. The picture could be slightly blurred.

The card may have lost some of its luster and show a minor stain on the back. On the edges, it could very well may have slight nicks and the edges may be slightly discolored. Centering should be in the 80/20 range or better


5.5 - 5.0 EXCELLENT

A card rated "EX-5" will show slight curves at the corners that gradually become apparent. Signs of usage or typographical errors could be more clearly recognizable. Minimal chipping could occur at the edges. The loss of the original shine will be more noticeable. The picture could be slightly blurred.

A closer look might reveal some light scratches, but these do not detract from the card's appeal. The edges might be slightly discolored. Centering should be in the 85/15 range or better.



A card rated "VG-EX 4" might have slightly rounded corners. Signs of wear are visible, but moderate. The card may have minor abrasions or scratches. Some original gloss effects remain. The edges might be slightly discolored. A slight crease might be visible. Centering should be in the 85/15 range or better


3.5 - 3.0 VERY GOOD

A card rated "VG 3" will show slight corner rounding, but not to an extreme degree. Superficial wear will be visible, along with possible minor abrasions or scratches. The image might be a bit blurry and the edges might show some noticeable wear.

Much, but not all, of the card's original glory will be lost. The edges may be slightly yellowed or discolored. A fold might be visible. Misprints are possible. Slight stains might appear on the front and back

Centering should be 90/10 or better front and rear.


2.5 - 2.0 GOOD

A card rated "Good 2" shows accelerated rounding at the corners and surface wear is becoming apparent. Such a card may have scratches, abrasions, or slight discoloration or show flaking of the gloss on the front. There could be multiple folds. The original shine could be missing completely. The card may show significant discoloration.

Centering should be 90/10 or better front and rear.


1.5 -1.0 POOR

A "Poor 1" rated card has flaws that are at such a serious stage that the card's visual appeal has almost completely disappeared.

A poor quality card might be missing a small piece or two, have significant creases that break almost all of the card's layers, or have extreme discoloration or soiling affecting, making it difficult to see the contents of the card on the front or back. A card of this type may also have a significant deformation or some other type of serious defect.

Dealing with counterfeits

Instructions for handling collectibles

We would like to emphasize that we only use our expertise when evaluating original trading cards. By sending us such a card for inspection, you are assuring us that you have verified its authenticity to the best of your knowledge and that it is undoubtedly an original.

Should there ever be any doubts about the authenticity of a card, or for any reason we are unable to verify it, we reserve the right not to rate it.

Our grading service is 100% charged. If for some reason we are unable to review a card, we will promptly return it to the sender.

The same applies to original cards that have been altered intentionally, willfully or negligently to conceal defects, or where the card's appearance has been manipulated. Examples of this would be manual color corrections, changes in dimensions, cropped edges, corners or missing parts.

In addition, we reserve the right to exclude cards from series not previously included in our portfolio, as well as other collectibles and memorabilia from our grading service. In such cases, we also reserve the right not to fully perform certain purchased services.

If such a situation occurs, we will contact you immediately to coordinate the further procedure together. We also reserve the right to investigate cases for possible fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation as necessary.

  • All cards up to 55pt thickness