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Collection advantage

Get exclusive volume discount.

Benefit from our exclusive volume advantage: Every
The tenth card in grading is free of charge. This saves you money when you send in
10 cards 19,99 € and 20 cards already 39,98 €.

  • Designed to perfection.

    Shadow Carbon Label

    We believe that every unique card deserves an exceptional presentation. A card that is perfect should be highlighted just as perfectly. With the ShadowCarbon label, we not only offer a flawless 10 rating in all subgrades, but also a design that is inspired by the elegant and powerful carbon look. Our passion for perfection and style drives us to create something truly special. The result is the ShadowCarbon Label - an incomparable design that makes your card the highlight of your collection. Experience the fusion of perfection and style. Turn your collector's item into a true masterpiece with the ShadowCarbon Label.

Create your iconic design.